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To understand the future of education, we must look to the teachings of the past.

What are Kubelets?

eKranium opens the cave to the world of eKubelets, a creative way to design, develop, present, and learn any topic anywhere anytime. It is a fusion of art, knowledge, and technology to create a unique learning experience. Developed by founder, Dan Khanna, each topic is presented in an entertaining and engaging way using stories, metaphors, analogies, symbolism, graphical images with limited text to enhance retention and recall, which can be absorbed in a limited time-period.

How does a Kubelet work?

what is an ekubelet

The Six Kubes




 Creative Team





Let us explore the world of eKubelets, step-by-step.


Kube 1: Philosophy

Each “Kube” focuses on a singular topic for life-long learning. Each topic is designed to be a complement to other learning and educational methods. Similar to a geometric cube, a Kube is a six-sided module employing the Socratic method delivering contemporary, practical and relevant (CPR)™ knowledge at the time required.

Kube 2: Advantage

Futuristic content delivery method using story format, limited text, metaphors, analogies, symbolism, and graphical images to enhance retention and recall allowing the learner to absorb information in a shortened period.  Content is available on any device, anywhere, providing real-time accessibility.


Kube 3: Creative Team

Collaborative development team, including specialized players:  Content Architect, Creative-Literary Writer, Graphic Designer, jointly working utilizing unique skills from the sciences, arts and humanities in multimedia design to create engaging and entertaining content that one can personalize and internalize to promote learning.

Kube 4: Network of Kubelets

Like brain synapses network, there will be an ever-expanding collection of Kubelets available for selection to create a personalized learning library.


Kube 5: Software Platform

ORGANON is an AI (artificial intelligence)-infused software platform that facilitates the development of Kubelets by a range of different organizations, industries and other entities that desire training and sharing information.  “Organon” (Greek) – instrument for acquiring knowledge; specifically, a body of principles of scientific or philosophic investigation.

Kube 6: Library

Resource database of stories and motifs from classical literature and mythology, such as Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Aesop’s Fables, and The Labors of Hercules, graphical interfaces and designs, and potential topics from which the Creative Team and machine learning programs draw to incorporate in the stories creating emotional connections advancing learning.


Knowledge is free.  Knowledge is freedom. Knowledge is invaluable.


eKranium is the producer and director of
“The World of eKubelets”

Using the creation of a movie-making model,  eKubelets’ design and development includes: story, script, screenplay/storyboard, casting, setting/scenes/staging, directing, editing, final print, and presentation.

Our Approach

eKranium shares, guides, trains, and facilitates “Kube” development with willing partners, assisting them in developing their own Kubelets through their own staff. This model is most economical, effective and efficient. The organization retains all the knowledge and expertise to utilize in the future

eKubelets is a key member of  The Sphere of Knowledge

The Sphere of Knowledge

What exactly is The Sphere of Knowledge?

The Sphere of Knowledge is formed by the connected entities below that offer a complete universe of knowledge. A series of educational tools and practices developed by Dan Khanna.

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